Portimao in the simulator? Race queens prefer to abstain

Kimi Riding Hood is not a friend of empty test miles. The Iceman believes that the simulator of Alfa Romeo in Hinwil has not been used very often. When learning new routes, such as Portimao, he prefers another proven method anyway.

“I don’t think we have the line [in the simulator] in the factory. It is still quite new and has not been used very often yet,”the Finnish describes shortly before the Portuguese weekend. He is known to avoid simulators more generally.

How did the most experienced of all pilots prepare for the challenge in Portimao? He watched a few videos. About a trackwalk, which the queens on known routes on Thursdays usually like to skip, “debate” still.

“Let’s see, maybe I will still go [the line]. The course looks pretty interesting. A few corners look quite tricky,”notes the Finnish. He is pleased that formula 1 is on new routes this season.” It looks a little difficult to overtake,”he noticed.

“Perfect time to drive on other routes”

“You will be able to overtake if you have a massive tire advantage or the other car is very slow.”But in general he does not expect very many overtaking manoeuvres.” But we also said this in Mugello and then there were red flags and it was still quite exciting.”

In his long career, according to the Forix database, a Formula One race has already been run on 33 races – Portimao will be number 34.”Portimao will be number 34.” After so many years, of course, you have travelled many routes, but in the end they are always the same. New routes are always interesting.”

According to Finnen, it is not a”bad idea”to try new routes. Although it is difficult to overtake everywhere, hopefully with future cars it will be easier to follow [the front man]. Then it doesn’t matter which route you’re going on.”

Racing queens still welcomes the varied calendar this year.” It’s the perfect time to go on other routes.”However, he would have another wish:”I’ve always liked the routes in England, such as Donington Park. It would be nice if we went there.”