Professional union finds case Timo Werner “unacceptable”

The representation of professional footballers has strengthened Timo Werner’s back regarding his contractual situation with RB Leipzig and the behaviour of those responsible for transfer poker with FC Bavaria Munich.

The European Secretary-General Jonas Baer-Hoffmann of the International Federation of the Association de Association Footballers Professionnels (FIFPRO) criticised the statements made by the head of the football league that the national stormtrooper should either extend or leave the club this summer for a commercial fee.

“Players have the right, of course, to have their contracts extended by the clubs According to FIFPRO, the case of Adrien Rabiot in France has shown that some clubs put “players under targeted pressure to prevent the expiration of the contract, Just to benefit from later transfer payments”.

RB Leipzig wants to find a”sensible solution”by the end of June

Baer-Hoffmann sees parallels to the Causa Werner:”Should these underwater threats continue with Timo Werner, this is not acceptable. It is unacceptable for young players who only fulfil their contract to be publicly and medially challenged,”he stressed.

A player should be able”without pressure and threats of possible consequences, “and then be free to determine the further course of his career”.

Ralf Rangnick, who holds his positions as head trainer and sports director from 1. Juli hands over to Juli an Nagelsmann or Markus Krueger and then becomes Head of Sport and Development Soccer in the RB group, in the case of the 23-year-old Werner until the end of the month wants to “find a solution that makes sense for all the parties involved”.

Wernes contract runs up to 2020. FC Bavaria, in particular, is supposed to be interested in an obligation, but would prefer to receive the National Storm at a zero rate after hearing it next year.