Prokop mixes DHB frames vigorously

After securing participation in the EM 2018 in Croatia, German trainer Christian Prokop places the qualification on division of labour at the end of the qualification.

After the game in Portugal on the 14th of June, the tribal forces Uwe Gensheimer, Paul Drux, Patrick Groetzki, Hendrik Pekeler and Patrick Wiencek are given a break. For the second meeting on June 18th in Bremen against Switzerland, Marcel Schiller, Tim Suton, Johannes Sellin and Erik Schmidt join the team.

“Behind us lies a successful week at the beginning of May with the two won games against Slovenia and the early qualification for the EURO 2018. Now we are twice again fully challenged at the end of the season against Portugal and Switzerland,” said Prokop, the total 21-player nominee.

With another victory, the selection of the German Handball Federation would have secured the group’s pension. The EM will be launched on the 23rd of June in Zagreb. While Switzerland (0:8 points) has no chance to participate in the EM, Portugal (5:3) as second before Slovenia (3:5) has good cards.





<Portugal as second before Slovenia (3:3:5) as second before Slovenia (3:3:5) Portugal has good cards.

Backspace left: Julius Kuhn (VfL Gummersbach), Philipp Weber (HSG Wetzlar), Nikolai Link (HC Erlangen)

Backspace Middle: Simon Ernst (VfL Gummersbach), Tim Kneule (Fresh on Openings), Paul Drux (Fox Berlin), Tim Suton (TBV Lemgo)


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