Quali-Poker: Hamilton has the trumpet in his hand

After Nico Rosberg brought the Pole last season in the qualifying of Monaco because of a hotly debated criminal, the question arises this season about the strategy in the fight for the fastest lap: If you ride on the last push on the final lap, Or do you go on the road in front of your rival? Mercedes leaves only one driver the choice and his name is Lewis Hamilton. p>

In the Monaco Motor Camp these days there is no interview in which the Mercedes protagonists are not addressed on the key scene of the last year: Nico Rosberg was in the qualifying course on Pole, when he started a yellow flag with a firefighter and thus slowed down the competition. Whether intentionally or unwillingly, Rosberg grabbed the pole, won the race and thus unleashed the’Star Wars’.

If Lewis Hamilton is approached with the incident, the title defender only approves the action with one pat on the back. He was here to win the race, not talk about the past. Those who want to win the Grand Prix in Princeton, however, should necessarily be on starting point 1. And so the events of the past catch up with the two Silver Arrow pilots. The question arises as to whether, unlike many other races of the season, it might be better, not as the last to the final season, but for strategic reasons to go on the route before teammates.

Rosberg: car is tuned on Saturday

“There is no clear answer to it, it always depends on the circumstances,” says Hamilton, who performs his thoughts: “Sometimes the line at the end of the qualification will be faster, sometimes you can start a better round. Sometimes you have a yellow flag at the beginning, sometimes in the middle, sometimes at the end. Especially here in Monaco you cannot plan anything.”

Planbar is nothing, but Hamilton still has the trump card in his hand in Quali-Poker. We threw a coin at the beginning of the season,”Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff said in an interview with RTL:”Nico won and was able to decide how to qualify in Melbourne. They’re taking turns, and Lewis is back in Monaco. Unlike last year, he can decide if he is the first or second on the track.”

Rosberg, who had last beaten his stable reels at the Spanish GP and made the World Cup exciting again, will not be able to get into the trick box this season. Nevertheless, the “focus is clearly on qualification. The car will be tuned on Saturday and not on Sunday,”said the German:”If it fits in the qualifying and I am at the very front, I will somehow get the race over the rounds.”

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