Racing Point doesn’t want to become a monster team like Ferrari

Thanks to Lawrence Stroll, the future for the Racing Point team looks bright again. About two years ago the Silverstone racing stable was still in bankruptcy, from 2021 onwards one becomes (at least stand today) the official working team of Aston Martin. Although Stroll has ambitious plans with the team, one does not want to become one of these big monster teams like Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull.

“We want to try to keep our efficiency and our current size,” Chief Technology Officer Andrew Green explains in the podcast “Beyond The Grid.” We do not want to suddenly expand from 450 employees to 800 to 900 people. This was never on our wish list.”

Large races are antiquated for him anyway due to the Corona crisis and the new budget line from 2021. A year ago, Green would have said that you definitely need 800 employees to win in Formula One. But given the circumstances, the big teams are now “dinosaurs”, as he says: “You have to be small, narrow, efficient. And that is our strength.”

Green considers Racing Point to be the most efficient team in the whole Formula One field anyway. This has been proven several times in the recent past. He also sees this as an advantage when the big teams have to shrink to the bigger ones of the other races: “They are coming to our level. We have known this for years.”

Nevertheless, Racing Point (respective Aston Martin) will also be investing further. The new factory is still being planned. But still we do not plan to fill it with 900 employees,”said Green. But this way you can produce more parts in your own house in the future and deliver faster results.

“Since we now know the rules and know how to operate, we are in an absolutely ideal position to design a factory tailored to the new era of formula 1,” says the Chief Technology Officer. This and intensive cooperation with Mercedes are intended to bring the racing stadium closer to the top teams.

The future looks brighter for the former Force India team in any case: “We have practically all been looking for a new job, and now we are on the verge of becoming Aston Martin’s workshop team. This could not be imagined,”says Green.

The changes would be huge for the team:”We are now the flagship for Aston Martin. And that’s how we have to present ourselves. The great challenge will be to achieve this while maintaining our efficiency.”