Racing Point Team Leader defends Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll has never had an easy stand since he entered Formula 1 with Williams in 2017.

Although he was the third in his eighth race in the Baku royal class, he was always regarded by many fans as a spoiled boy who only got the cockpit thanks to his rich father. The fact that Papa Lawrence Stroll is now the owner of his new team does not make it any easier.

At Racing Point, it is thought that Stroll is far too little appreciated in Formula One. I think that will change with time. He’ll get the credit because he’s good. He is very good,”praises team leader Otmar Szafnauer and recalls the titles Stroll won in the junior series. Among other things, he became 2016 Formula-3-European Champion.

No mistakes were made under pressure

Such titles, according to Szafnauer, “cannot be won if you cannot drive a car.” Racing Point then immediately confirmed in the simulator that Stroll is really talented. During the season’s raid in Melbourne, the Canadian became the ninth, giving his team the first two World Cup points of the year. When he came und er pressure, first from Kvyat, then from Kvyat and Gasly, he made no mistake,”praises Szafnauer.

“He is a courageous racer –just like Checo. That’s why I’m sure there’ll be races where the two of them go against each other. But so do we. We need two good drivers and we have them, says Szafnauer. In the team-internal duel with Sergio Perez, Stroll leads after the first season race with 1:0.