Racism accusations: State protection investigated at FC Bavaria

Due to racist accusations against an employee in the junior service center of FC Bavaria, the State Protection Department of the Munich Police investigates.

The authority had become aware of the issue because of the reporting, a police spokesman said. There is no display. We can’t say anything about the facts yet.”

The magazine”Sport Inside”of the”WDR”reported on the suspicion of racism on the Bavarian campus. As a result, serious accusations would be made against a club employee who has been active as a trainer in the youth department for a long time.

In discussions about the obligation of players, the employee is said to have used racist expressions. The German football record champion confirmed the case, but initially refused to make an official statement with reference to a review.

FC Bavaria: findings still open

The police spokesman stressed that at the moment it was completely unclear, what will be at the end of the investigation, i.e. what specific accusations could be made and who they would then turn against. The investigators worked as quickly as possible –unlike in a murder case, but there was no “need to rush”.

Therefore, it is unclear when the first findings are available. Among other things, contact should be made with the association, possible victims and witnesses.

Since the 1st. In August 2017, the FC Bayern Campus is the new home for the young German football record champion. Here the teams U9 to U19 train and play as well as the women and girls teams of the FCB.