“Rate racing”: Rummenigge criticises the Transferal Market

Managing Director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge of the German record champion FC Bavaria Munich understands the discussions about an alleged special role of German football in the Corona crisis, but also believes in the special power of sport.

“We have probably the biggest crisis since the Second World War, and it is clear, that in the emotional subject of football, some conflicting and polarizing opinions are expressed. But football can have an important signal effect,”said Rummenigge to the”Munich Mercury”and the”tz”.

According to the 64-year-old,”football can bring back a bit of normality, The German Football League has presented a comprehensive safety concept for the resumption of the game, for which there has already been approval from high political circles. Critical voices, on the other hand, see football as preferable to other social areas.

“We do not want a special role, but professional football is a profession, and we want to ensure that this profession can be resumed in compliance with certain rules”, so Rummenigge.

FC Bavaria and Co. want to “take responsibility”

The criticism was to be expected, however, the powerful Bavarian official said: “We knew from the beginning when we decided to work out the concept with politicians and doctors that there was not only applause for it. One criticism or another has to endure football. We have to convince our critics that football is serious about the Coronavirus.”

The federal league clubs are hoping for a continuation of the game in mid-May, a final decision remains to be made. If this were to happen, football’from game to game would have to prove that we are exemplary and disciplined with the rules. “We want to and will live up to our responsibilities.”

“Borussia Dortmund and Bavaria Munich would probably survive”

A season break would have to be prevented in spite of that responsibility, are Rummenigge.” You can see what kind of discussions are being held in Holland, where the league was broken up. There are already complaints against the association. The most important thing is that there is a decision on the place, and not on the green table,”the CEO made it clear.

The 64-year-old continued:”We do not want our captain to be handed the bowl because we are after the 25th. Play day at the top of the table. We want the championship bowl delivered after 34th. Game day should be at the top, because then we would have earned it.”

Rummenigge feels in solidarity with its financially severely hit Bundesliga competitors.

“Borussia Dortmund and Bavaria Munich would probably survive (a break-up of the Bundesliga; Note.d.Red.) but many other clubs would probably survive. No. What I particularly like about this crisis, therefore, is that clubs such as Leipzig, Dortmund, Leverkusen and also Bavaria are particularly committed to relaunching the gaming industry in order simply to support small and medium-sized clubs”, Rummenigge criticizes “rat races for the best players in the world”

Rummenigge, meanwhile, expressed the hope that after the Corona crisis, football could become “more rational and stable”.

“No club is interested in seeing the payouts and payouts go up every year. We want to drive with moderation. Every crisis also has its chance,”the Bavarian boss stressed and added:”Up to now it has been a rat race that takes place around the best players in the world. We must try to normalize certain excesses.”