Red Bull and Renault? Horner: A roller coaster ride

Red-Bull team leader Christian Horner has been philosophizing over the past twelve years with engine partner Renault. Red Bull is following Honda with great interest”.

Four World Cup titles, 56 victories, 111 podiums and 57 fastest races –the partnership between Red Bull and Renault can be described as very successful.

Since 2007 the French have already made their drives available to the cops. Especially after the introduction of V6 turbo drives and the loss of red bull dominance 2014, the climate in the relationship became cooler. Mutual stings and accusations in all the public were the result.

Still Red Bull likes to use the engine as a scapegoat. After twelve years, 2019 could now wait for a new partner to join the team and divorce the tense relationship.

“Our relationship with Renault is a roller coaster between love and… Not so much love,”Red Bull team leader Christian Horner has to admit to”Sky Sports F1”.

The Brit has led the team since the start of the team 2005, he has experienced all the ups and downs with Renault. Since 2015, cooperation has been on the cutting edge of Messers. Renault was insulted and Red Bull was dissatisfied with the engines. Finally, both parties were able to agree on further cooperation.

Red Bull hesitates with engine decision

On the 15th of May, Renault of Red Bull actually wanted to know whether to continue working together in the future. But the former World Championship team wants to take the time up to the summer with that decision, also to see how well the Renault drive is developing compared to that of Honda.

“They are working hard. It’s going pretty well right now. They work hard and try to integrate upgrades for the next engine,”says Horner. At the Canadian Grand Prix, both manufacturers want to introduce new updates.

Much already points to a switch to the Japanese, but some experts, like Alex Wurz, do not believe in a split between Red Bull and Renault. The risk would simply be too great for a top team, says the tenor.

Horner and Co. also look at Toro Rosso

At least Red Bull with Honda from 2019 would have an exclusive engine partner who also supplies the sister team Toro Rosso. With the young bulls, progress was already visible at the beginning of the season 2018 compared to the disastrous McLaren years. Team leader Horner knows: “For the first time in ten years we have a choice.”

From his point of view Honda has done a good job so far this season. Already in Baku and Barcelona there were initial talks with the Japanese, consultant Helmut Marko already seemed confident. He was very pleased with the collaboration with Toro Rosso.

Horner emphasizes: “We are watching with great interest how they are progressing and how they are doing their upgrades.” If Red Bull actually dared to take the step, Renault 2019 would only supply the former Honda team McLaren.