Red-Bull crisis: B-Car must work

The Sochi weekend was the lowest point of the season for Red Bull: Around 1,7 seconds per lap one lost to the top in qualifying and even in the race the lag did not shrink below one second.

Is Red Bull blowing exactly now with the B-version of the RB13, which is revealed in Barcelona, to attack the top? It is true that the delay looks great,”admits Daniel Ricciardo.

“But also in the previous year he was in Sochi for around 1.7 seconds.”But then in Barcelona and Monte Carlo one was suddenly a candidate for victory.” I do not expect that we will be so far behind in Barcelona as well,”the Australian explains to the competition.

The pressure is enormous, however, because in reality, the further course of the season depends on whether Adrian Newey can solve the problem zones of RB13 and had one of his famous geniuses.” I would not say that the whole season depends on the update, but the first half until summer,”Ricciardo throws in. So the update will determine whether or not we get to the podium by then.”

Barcelona as the most important race of the year

It is also clear that Red Bull currently holds not even half the World Cup points of Ferrari and Mercedes in the third World Cup ranking. A third place of Max Verstappen in China was the only podium in four races. And if the Austrian troops based in Milton Keynes do not regularly reach the top three by the summer break, let alone win, the season is basically over.

“This update absolutely has to work,” ex-pilot and expert Martin Brundle also calls for “Sky Sports F1”. “This update must work.” You have to close this gap, but it is getting bigger and bigger. This shows that they have a real problem.”Johnny Herbert adds that there are two problems at once.”The problem is not the problem. It’s not just the car, it’s the drive unit. This means an incredible amount of work.”

Renault engine at eye level with Mercedes?

The FIA announced in Russia that the drive units of Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault are now so similar that the distance per lap does not represent more than three tenths of customers.” I’d bet a lot of money on it,”Ricciardo laughs. Sergio Perez’s announcement that his Mercedes engine is no longer advantageous gives Red Bull’s motor sports consultant Helmut Marko a good time.” He only said that because Renault factory pilot Nico Hullkenberg was faster in Bahrain than he was,”the Austrian says to”Auto Image Motorsport”.

Renault, by the way, is becoming more and more cautious about the forecasts for the big Montreal update. Originally we were talking about a half-second jump, but now we are only talking about progress in the tenth area. You won’t like to hear that at Red Bull.

But what does Red Bull expect from the new car in Spain?” The team says, of course, that the CFD data are better than before, but as long as we don’t test the car on the track, you never know,”Ricciardo holds back. And teammate Max Verstappen also says: “All are good things, but I can’t tell you how much it brings.”

Ricciardo doubts RB13 concept: No less air resistance

For the first time in a long time the correlation between wind channel, CFD data and track has not been optimally matched. There is also a great deal of tension in the competition. There are many rumors,”says ex-Red Bull pilot Sebastian Vettel. At least you know how to build a fast car. So it is more a question of when and not whether they will make it. The faster it goes, the more exciting it becomes for us.”

The fact is that the concept of RB13, to build a particularly cordless car to build less air resistance, has not impacted.” If I look at the figures, we should be in a similar area to Mercedes and Ferrari in this regard,”Ricciardo notices. So maybe that was her goal, too. In any case, we have no less resistance to the air.”

The tires are hard to get to the temperature. This could have led to the unusually early brake defects at Max Verstappen in Bahrain and Daniel Ricciardo Russia, because the brake temperature is one way to heat the tires over the rim.

This problem could also be remedied with the update. However, if you are far from winning, Red Bull may also face challenges in the longer term. Because Youngster Verstappen in particular is considered to be the hottest thing in the driver’s camp.

“I’m sure Max and his father Jos Verstappen will look around if Red Bull can’t handle it,” Herbert believes against “Sky Sports F1″.” He has to be able to show whether or not he has title potential. And I would be surprised if they do not have a performance clause in the contract, even if Red Bull generally concludes very long contracts.”