Red Bull will Mercedes attackieren

Can Red Bull favorite annoy Mercedes in Austin? Although the silver arrows were expected to occupy one and two places on Friday in the combined schedule of the first two training sessions at the Circuit of The Americas, Daniel Ricciardo was only 0194 seconds away from Nico Rosberg’s best time at the end of the day. In the second training, the Australian could even move to second place and thus between Rosberg and his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

It was a good day. I think our Pace with little booze was okay,”Ricciardo reports and adds:”At least it looks good on the time list. We can find a little more time, but Mercedes probably still has some reservations. It has been a solid day, and we are particularly satisfied with our Pace at the Longruns. We were able to drive some good and constant laps.”

For although Ricciardo was also fast on one lap, it is mainly the long runs that give him and his teammate Max Verstappen hope.” You can definitely overtake it here. That’s good, and if, compared to Mercedes, we have the same Pace as today on Sunday, it’ll be a great race,”Ricciardo is aggressive. But what are the good times really worth on Friday?

Is Mercedes still holding back?

“Let’s wait. I’m not sure how her engine was set and how conservative she was (Mercedes; Amen. d. Red.) drove. But today it looked good,”explains the Australian. Also team leader Christian Horner does not trust the roast so much and explains: “On Friday it is always very difficult because you never know how much fuel and power the others drive. Mercedes is therefore still the clear favorite.”

“But perhaps we can put pressure on them in the race if we get to one or two tenths,”says Horner and adds:”Daniel had a great day. His shortrunpace was very strong and so was his longrunpace. He was very satisfied with the balance of the car. Max wasn’t quite as happy about it in the afternoon as he was in the morning. All in all, we have gathered a lot of important information and data.”

“I am very satisfied with where we have landed,”Ricciardo explains and says that it is now mainly”fine tuning”that will be carried out overnight. On the question of whether he will intervene with a good result in the title match between Hamilton and Rosberg, he replies with a laugh: “As I see it, everyone is satisfied if I win. So I’m going to try that.”

Close fight with Ferrari

Interception, meanwhile, only landed on the fifth place on the combined timelist and explains:”Our shortun (in the afternoon; Amen. d. Red.) wasn’t great. That’s why we changed a lot of things about the car afterwards, and then it was just like the first exercise. That made a big difference. When I went out again, the red flag came, but that was the same for everyone.”

“After that we got some good rounds done. Moreover, the long runs look very good,”confirms also the Dutch, who was missing at the end of the day 0900 seconds to the best time of Rosberg. Although Red Bull will try to annoy Mercedes this weekend, the main opponent is first named Ferrari.” At the Longrun, a Ferrari drove in front of me, and I was able to catch up. So it looks positive,”says the interpreters optimistically.

If you could actually beat Ferrari again, at least a podium for the cops would be very likely.”If you could beat Ferrari again, you could beat Ferrari again.” We always try, and then we just have to see where we end up,”he said. Whether or not Sunday’s performance will be enough to attack Mercedes is another matter. It does not seem to be excluded after the Friday sessions.