Reichmann full of crime: " It can go very far"

National player Tobias Reichmann ranks the German handballers among the co-favorites on the World Cup title, despite the losses of seven tribal forces.

“It is the same circle, that is Spain, Denmark, France, Croatia. I would also count us in, even if we have a few cancellations,”the 2016-European champion replied at a virtual media round on Monday to the question of which teams would be most suitable for the title.

“If we start well in the tournament, it can go very far”, the right-hand side completed one day before the German team departed for Egypt. In the EM qualifying games against Austria on Sunday (34:20) and Wednesday (36:27), especially the newly formed inner block of Johannes Golla and Sebastian Firnhaber did his “thing really well. They fight like pigs,”said the 32-year-old Reichmann.”They fight like pigs.” This is courageous, even if Austria was not the great gauge. We can go to the next games with a lot of confidence.”

In the SID interview DHB Vice-President Bob Hanning clearly issued the quarter finals as the goal for the WM starting on Wednesday (13th to 31st January):”We did not formulate a clear association contract. But the quarterfinals are a goal that every German team must achieve. No matter what composition.”

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