Reichmann says: " Cool game, your Banausen"

With a small blink of an eye, the handball national player Tobias Reichmann from his holiday resort Orlando has commented on the performance of the German team at 34:21 against Brazil.

“Cool game, your banausen”, Reichmann wrote on Instagram under a photo, that shows him on a couch in front of a TV in the German shirt. On TV the second German group game is running.

Outside Reichmann had surprisingly said goodbye to Florida on Thursday with the words “Bye-bye, Banausen” on frustration management.

More about it: Prokop wonders about Reichmann’s holiday trip

“Keep it up”, He wrote on Instagram: “Seems to be horny already in the arena, ’35; humour’35; has’35; man’35; or’35; just’35; not.”

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