Renault workforce suspended despite party mode

The Renault team has not fully met its own requirements in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix 2018. The French want to get closer to the top teams Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, but now they have to go after Haas. Nico Hullkenberg (10.) was defeated by Carlos Sainz (9) in the internal battle of the Renault factory pilots. The Spaniard thus shortened the duel to 3:6.

Because he has done a slightly better job today, especially in Q3,”Hullkenberg does not talk about the hot brei. I’m not so happy with the progress in qualifying. That was a little bumpy, the river was a little short. That’s why he came before me. In the last round I then hung plugs in the last two curves to all the abundance still in the gearbox and then I drive next to the track. This was then the i-cup.”

The fact that Hullkenberg starts behind Sainz can make the German worse. The view on the overall competition is much worse. And this shows that Renault was well behind the times. The “party mode” of the Renault aggregate, which should bring 15 PS more (approximately 0.25 seconds) had been promised a lot.

“I don’t know what you think or what you have been told, what we have. This is not world-moving, I can say that much,”says the Emmericher.

Party mode at Renault: The music in others plays just as loudly

“You don’t notice something like this. It’s a little more performance. I think something more significant has to happen that this is noticeable,”says Hullkenberg, with the full agreement of the Red Bull pilots and also of team colleague Sainz. Everyone has a special qualification mode. Yes, it brings some performance, but we are simply too far away from Haas that it could really bring something,”said the Spaniard.

It is not the drive that brings the disadvantage in Spielberg, but the balance of the vehicle. Renault has worked well so far.” My problems with the stability at the corner entrance have already improved considerably, but unfortunately this is not reflected in the stop clock. We’re just a little too slow,”says Sainz. According to Hullkenberg, the lack of “harmony in the car”.

“Haas is much closer to the top three than we are,” Sainz unequivocally states. Romain Grosjean donated Hilkenberg in the final Q3 over one,2 seconds. Haas teammate Kevin Magnussen was almost a second faster than the German. They are brutally good and fast in the middle and fast curves, i.e. the curves 6, 7, 9 and 10. There they are very good,”says Hullkenberg. Renault, however, should be able to help the three DRS zones in the race.