Residual risk for Mercedes-Vettel as a red hazard

Not even 24-hour before the first probation test after the fall of Singapore, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg did not want to minimize the red threat posed by Sebastian Vettel.

Really exclude that the Mercedes break-in from last Sunday could happen again at the Formula One race in Japan, He was not able to compete in Suzuka as well as his German Mercedes teammate Rosberg. Never say never,”Hamilton said. In spite of all the confidence Rosberg admitted in the team’s arrival that a “little” uncertainty “of course” was still there.

“But very, very little. We still have the same car with which we dominated for a year and a half,”Rosberg added. 26 victories in the 32-race race race since the beginning of 2014 are proof of this, but just not a guarantee for the Great Prize of Japan. Even if her ever-closer pursuer Vettel of Ferrari said, “I don’t expect them to have problems here too.”

To the last detail, however, it still does not seem clear why the silver arrows in Singapore were one and a half seconds slower than Ferrari and also Red Bull. Hamilton, who nonetheless seemed extremely relaxed and feigned with the journalists, spoke in the causal research of a “domino effect”, Rosberg of many factors that had come together on the narrow course of the city in hot weather. The result was that both Mercedes and the tires could not get their usual performance.

The weather is expected to play a role again in Japan, Vettel already assumes “some surprises”. Predictions are hard to predict, rain is hard to rule out. Like a year ago, when the race had started behind the Safety Car and in the meantime even threatened to break down. In the end, Hamilton won against Rosberg and Vettel.

The sporting event came into the background on this 5th October 2014, however, due to the accident of Jules Bianchi. The Frenchman had died on the 17th of July of this year from severe head injuries. It was a difficult moment, said Father Philippe Bianchi on Thursday in a BBC interview on the return of the motorsport royal class to the place of the event: “This week is not a good week for the Bianchi family.”

It is not easy for the drivers either.” The worst memories of my career with Jules’accident are coming back! We miss you, my friend,”said compatriot Romain Grosjean of the Lotus team.

Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel and their colleagues but this weekend they will lower their visor and give gas again at 100 percent concentration -as always. Vettel knows that he must be there if the two Mercedes weaken again.

If the chance presented itself, “we must use them,” said the cheerleader. 49 Points separating him from the seven-time season winner Hamilton, only eight remaining from Rosberg. Both Vettel and Rosberg have won three races this year. Since Malaysia, where he had also won, he is a threat, for us there has not changed much,”Hamilton emphasised with a view to Vettel.”He is a threat to us.” Of course we have an eye on him,”said Rosberg.

Especially in Suzuka this is also recommended. Vettel has been a power on the course, which is built like an eight and is located in an amusement park. The 28-year-old, in contrast to the two-year-old Hamilton and Rosberg, came to the podium at each of his openings: four times Vettel won, twice he became third.” I love this track, it’s a driving range, an old-school course,”four-time champion Vettel fancied the”best course in the world”.

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