Ricciardo contract: Red Bull must put a cap on it

The current contract of Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo still runs until the end of 2018. The Australian is aware that his next career step is crucial for his chance in the F1 championship match.

After all, he has already been associated with Ferrari and Mercedes. But one thing is certain: by the end of next season, many F1 teams will be after the talented racing driver. Ricciardo himself would like to get the title with his current racing stable.

In an interview with”Ricciardo indicated that he wants to concentrate entirely on the title hunt. Therefore, he is a little impatient to get a vehicle with which he is able to win the World Championship.

Ricciardo: “Red Bull has to put a kick on it”

“There was a phase in which I was very impatient,” said the Australian: “It has not gotten much better, Because I don’t want to leave Formula One without a title. I believe in having the skills. I want to make it, the sooner the better.”

This season there will be no more title for Red Bull. Although the Australian is ahead of the race in Singapore in fourth place of the driver’s rating, the distance to the top is too great.” I thought we might have a good chance this season. This feeling has not been confirmed. We still have to fight to get to the podium in the first place. We were never a part of the championship match and therefore Red Bull Racing has to put another kick on it.”

“We will see what happens

Since 2014 is the 28-year-old part of the team. However, in order for further years of cooperation to follow, the racing stables would still have to do convincing work that Ricciardo can “win races with the car”.

“Do I want to win with Red Bull Racing? Absolutely. It would really end the story. Sebastian Vettel made it back then. He is the only pilot so far,”said the confident Red Bull pilot,”I would like to get the title from the heart with Red Bull Racing. But we will see what will happen.”

As Ricciardo may be available for the season 2019, rumors of Ferrari and Mercedes have decided against long-term contracts with their current pilots. Kimi Reiikkunen (Ferrari) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) have only received short-term contracts by the end of 2018.

decision an important step for Ricciardo’s career

“I have to make a decision when my contract expires at Red Bull Racing”, Ricciardo explained: “For the first time in my career I am freely available on the market. It’s a situation I’ve never been in before.”

However, it also depends a lot on Red Bull. If the group continues to be interested in working together, it will”make the decision that is best for me”. The aim is to get a long-term contract: “The next working paper that I sign, whether it is an extension or a new contract, will certainly not only contain a contract term of one year. It’ll be more like three years. Therefore, this decision is an important step for my career.”