Ricciardo explains Qualifying Problems 2017

Daniel Ricciardo lost a qualifying match in Formula One season 2017 for the first time in his time at Red Bull. After the Australian was able to fight off Sebastian Vettel, Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen, he drew the short straw against the Dutch this year with 7:13.

I have always been called a Saturday driver. But now they probably call me a Sunday driver,”Ricciardo jokes to””.

The Australian explains that”several things”would have made sure that this year’s qualifying didn’t go as round as usual.” I wouldn’t say I had car trouble. But it was a little harder to get the maximum out,”he explains. Teamwork colleagues would have made it easier in this respect, while Ricciardo could not find his usual form for a long time.

In Melbourne and Baku Ricciardo crashed twice this year in the qualification, which he himself described as “atypical.” Perhaps I was a little too sensitive,”the Australian ponders, explaining that he has partially betrayed himself and experimented too much on the set-up. Looking back, he explains: “Sometimes it might have been better to just drive.”

Red Bull with a big “learning process”

“If we were fast in the past in training, then we did not touch the car,” says the Australian. However, if the conditions in qualifying had changed, one would suddenly have been much worse than before. But too much rebuilding of the car can also have a negative effect. According to Ricciardo, there has been a “great learning process” in this respect with him and his crew 2017.

“Now we know the reasons. That is why I am sure it will be better next year,”the Australian says optimistically. Ricciardo finished the season in fifth place of the World Cup and 32 points in front of his teammate. However, while he could “only” win in the chaos race in Baku, he was allowed to hide in Malaysia and Mexico twice at the top stage of the podium.