Richard Witter Siegchancen

Daniel Ricciardo still expects chances of winning the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday. The Red Bull pilot, who will start in Montreal from square four in the race, believes that Mercedes would have to lose his drive in the race and that his colours would be advantageous at low temperatures.

It will be scarce,”predicts Ricciardo, who was almost three tenths behind in qualifying. Hopefully we can join Mercedes and Ferrari.”

Courage makes the Australian know that the silver arrows are known to pack a ship in time training compared to the Free Trainings.” Mercedes has a qualifying mode,”says Ricciardo, with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg additionally open-ended PS, which they must dispense with on Sundays. If they have to turn the engine down, we are closer.”In addition, the temperatures in Canada should drop, which Red Bull could play into the cards.

“cooler conditions help us. With the hot asphalt we had our problems,”he explains average long run times on Friday. Curious, because in fact the RB12 is considered a car that only slowly gets the tire at temperature: “We have rather low tire wear. The softer the mixtures are, the more difficult it is to get the front tires to work.”

No setup problems to expect

But this also applies to the competition, as Ricciardo has observed. He points to Hamilton: “Lewis had problems warming up the tires at Restart’s in Monaco,” says the Montreal winner of 2014. On wet conditions he does not have to rely on to say a word about the victory, he is convinced.” When it rains, I don’t mind. But we have shown that we are also close in the dry.”Poker was not necessary at all, Ricciardo says:”Because the track was so cool, the setup goes in a direction similar to that of rain.”

Nevertheless: Ricciardo seems to be further away from Mercedes and Ferrari, as it expresses the time list of qualification. Because he risked his neck and neck in the final hurdle that leads to the “Wall of Champions.” I knew it was the last round, and I was still two hundred meters ahead of me. I decided to push through the throttle and hoped that what happened to the car would not happen to me too,”he recalls the scene when he was already hitting the concrete.

“This is a favorite place for me”

Ricciardo explains, How to get out of the passage of every time-piece: “If you drive on the first edge, you know where to land on the second edge-stone- you want to go straight as possible. In qualifying I was late at first on the brake, but still had air and I used it.”Ricciardo therefore took an early turn, but did not have enough angle in the car at the first junction point, so he ran the risk of hitting the second discard at too sharp an angle and being ejected outwards. It was going well just now –probably without wasting any time.

No wonder, finally he loves the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. This is a favorite place for me. This route makes me happy. You can scratch the wall and let off a little steam –that’s cool!”, the third World Cup is in a good mood. The endurance dance has also returned to his face because the boxing-stop affair of Monaco is forgiven and forgiven.” as will mourn me in years to come,”Ricciardo admits. Only that doesn’t help me or the team, so I got my head clear before the weekend.”Obviously a good decision.