Rio Haryanto continues to seek money

Rio Haryanto struggles desperately for the continuation of his Formula One career: The Indonesian government refuses him, but hopes for mercy from Manor. So there are still problems with funding.

Can Rio Haryanto save its Formula One career? The Indonesian has a contract with Manor, but if he does not earn seven million euros during the summer break, he could be replaced by Renault test pilot Esteban Ocon. For this reason, his Manor team has even written a letter to the Indonesian Government asking for the money. To explain: Haryanto is supported by the state energy company Pertamina.

The last hope for sponsors

It does not look like we can raise the money,”a spokesman of the Indonesian Ministry of Sports explains to the’AFP’. We can’t promise anything.”Nevertheless, one understands the concern of the Manor team and one hopes,”that Rio will not be replaced by another driver just because there is a problem with funding”.

Also the head of Haryanto’s fan club, Catur Sunaryo, does not sound very confident, Regarding the Manor future of the Indonesian folk hero: “We had hoped that the government could help, but it is a fact that Parliament and the Sports Ministers cannot find a solution.”

If Haryanto’s management now fails to find another sponsor in the Asian area, then the 23-year-old’s career after only twelve grand prix could be over again. The Indonesian has exceeded the low expectations so far, although he has remained without WM points, is in the qualifying duel against the highly esteemed teammate Pascal Wehrlein only with 5:7. Since Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Abu Dhabi still have four races to run in the Asian area, there may still be a chance for a sponsor.