Risky: Di Montezemolo criticizes Scuderia

The long-time Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has criticized the course of his successor Sergio Marchionne. The decision to put in formula 1 on a purely Italian team of technicians was risky,”said the 69-year-old:”To win in formula 1, you need the best people and openness for the new.”

Although it would be”nice to win with Italian technicians and pilots, but not always the top Italian people,”said di Montezemolo in an interview with the Italian radio”RAI”.

Montezemolo, from 1991 to 2014 Ferrari president, also commented on the future of the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.” Vettel, who has switched to Ferrari to win, will evaluate this season after two or three Ferrari races competitiveness. Then the puzzle about his future begins again, as his contract expires,”said di Montezemolo.

Riding kites do not see the future

The future of Vettel’s Finnish teammate Kimi Riding kites sees di Montezemolo much more critical.”The future of Vettel’s Finnish teammate Kimi Riding kites He cannot be the future of the team,”said the manager. The first results of the new Ferrari-Boliden in the tests in Barcelona he evaluated positively: “But the real performances will only be seen in Melbourne.”

Formula 1 starts on the 26th of March in Australian Melbourne in the season. Ferrari could not win a race in the last race year, Vettel has been waiting since September 2015 in Singapore for a victory with the traditional team.