Rosberg wants a new start with Hamilton

There is not much left of the friendship between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Too often in the past four years, the two of them have teamed up as teammates at Mercedes on the track.

Although the former Kart colleagues have been professional with each other until the last, contact has been limited to an absolute minimum. Even a few years ago, hardly anyone would have seen this development coming.

We were best friends,”Rosberg recalls in conversation with the”FAZ”and tells:”We talked to 14 as a team driver in a restaurant in Greece about what it would be like, If we fought for the World Cup together in the best Formula One team in ten years. And that’s come true, where does that happen?”

However, Rosberg had a premonition that this would have a negative effect on his friendship with Hamilton.” That such a contest becomes a challenge and leads to a certain distance, I think it is normal,”he explains and adds:”This is such a complicated relationship in one and the same team, you can hardly top it.”

Rosberg emphasizes”basic respect”

” that we did not bash our heads in,”explains the new World Champion, who traces this back to the common past of the two. This was possible because the basic respect of that time remained. This has helped us,”assumes Rosberg, who has collided with his teammate several times this year alone on the track.

Especially the crash of the two in Barcelona has of course been remembered. From a purely sporting point of view, it was the negative climax of the two in four common Mercedes years. But how do we proceed after Rosberg’s resignation? It is clear that they will not simply continue with their friendship where they left off a few years ago.

Rosberg and Hamilton now seem to be too different. While the German wants to take more care of his family in the future, especially his little daughter, the British prefer a life on the red carpet with many parties. It is hard to imagine that the two will spend their free weekends together in the future.

Prost and Senna as an example?

Nevertheless, the relationship between the two could at least normalize again in the coming months and years.” Maybe one day we’ll get closer again, if it’s a coincidence. I would like that,”explains Rosberg. The first step seems to have already been taken. When asked how he had spoken to Hamilton about his resignation, he replied: “We had a personal moment, that was cool.”

It also fits, At the end of November Hamilton published an old picture of Rosberg and himself from the youth days on social media and called the Germans “deserving” world champions. The surprising resignation of the champion should further relax the relationship between the two without question. The signs seem to be clearly on the verge of reconciliation at the moment.

A look into the past also shows that even the most bitter rivals can reinvent themselves. For example, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost reconciled after the French’s career ended. The Brazilian even called his former intimate enemy “friend” shortly before his death. Perhaps one day we will hear that word again from Rosberg and Hamilton.