Rosberg wants a third victory on a school road

Some spectacular sections of the Monaco Grand Prix used to be an ordinary part of Nico Rosberg’s school route. His mother regularly drove the boy through the harbour harassment for lessons.

When the Formula One circus stopped in the city, Rosberg only had eyes for the racing cars. In class I did not pay attention, I only looked at the cars,”remembered the Mercedes man, smiling, whose school was right next to the motorcade in the principality.

The sixth race of this season offers Rosberg, who grew up as the son of a former world champion in Ibiza and just Monaco, the opportunity to visit the past again and again. His goals for the future are clear: Get the third Monaco victory in a series and make the turn in the title match with Stallrivale Lewis Hamilton.

“I enjoy the challenge of measuring myself with Lewis,” the native Wiesbaden assured me before the start shot on Sunday (14.00 clock).” Nor should we underestimate how far we push each other.”

After the first two units on Thursday, the silver arrows were back in full front again. In the end Rosberg had to settle for second place behind Hamilton. Due to permanent rain in the second unit, the pilots could only spin a few laps.

In the World Championship, Hamilton is at the very front, Rosberg directly behind. His first season success in Spain gave him a boost. The lead on Sebastian Vettel and the Scuderia was rebuilt there. It is quite possible that Ferrari will have a gigantic car here,”Rosberg admitted.”It is possible that Ferrari will have a gigantic car here.” The chances are good, however, that we will be dominant here.”

Mercedes is the scale gauge. No question. Surprises are always possible in residential areas where there is little chance of overtaking. At least a new edition of last year’s Zoff, when Rosberg took the chance to account in his last round at Qualifying Hamilton with a strange maneuver, should not happen again.

“Of course I am aware of this, but it feels like a little something from the past. I feel that I am standing above it,”said Hamilton in his column for the BBC.

Doubts about Hamilton’s extension of the Silver Arrows contract had Rosberg not, according to his own information. I didn’t expect him to go anywhere else because we have the best team and we can be for a few more years,”he said.

Hamilton should stay with Mercedes until the end of 2018, Rosberg extended his contract last summer by”several years”. It remains a brilliant duel.” We have a complicated fight because you have to look after the team, but at the same time you want to beat your competitors,”Rosberg said. The next act follows.

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