Rosberg: What speaks against Hamilton’s World Cup victory? I

Whether breathing or seat setting – everything came back to pre&uuml with Nico Rosberg before this season; Distance. Because the goal is clear: Formula One World Champion.

The Worries wü The Mercedes pilot said that they were keeping to their limits before the start in Melbourne. A year ago Rosberg won the Groß What makes you particularly confident that it will work this year and you will end up on the top of the World Cup staircase?

Nico Rosberg:The last year. 2014 has me persö show that the title is in it.

What have you been working on during the winter break and what kö can you wä work during the season to get even faster, even better?

Rosberg:On small things like me persö It is important to improve breathing. Or the seat position. But that went backwards. I had to do it again. Because I had neck problems. But that’s okay with testing, you have to go in the wrong direction. Otherwise, as always, I worked closely with the team to bring the car forward. This has a lot of spa; What prepares you so immediately before the season air act even the grö& szlig; You always wonder if you have thought of everything and prepared yourself well. It is a very good winter fü He was me. I persö And my silver arrow came well through the winter. In this respect, concerns are limited. But it’s a big league; I’m glad to be back on track. A healthy tension.

What does f&uuml say? r a ä similar dominance of Mercedes as last year?

Rosberg:We have prepared well. But I warn against hasty Schlü food. Red Bull didn’t look so good on the test last year and still won three races. This shows how you can rise.

What speaks against a successful title defense of your teammate Lewis Hamilton?


ZUR PERSON:Nico Rosberg fä has been in formula 1 since the season 2006. The now 29-Jä hrige drove zunä chü r Williams, before 2010 switched to Mercedes. Rosberg celebrated his first race. He has won eight of his 166 Grand Prix.

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