Rummenigge takes seals and ribs into duty

Karl Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of FC Bavaria Munich, has taken on the duty of leading the two superstars Arjen Robben and Franck Ribbey to lead their potential successors Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry.

“I spoke to Franck and Arjen when they renewed their contracts: You must be ready, to support the two, to help them and then also have to accept it if the coach once decides to Coman or Gnabry,”said Rummenigge to the”Sports Image”.

The Bavarians should have an interest in the young players coming into play, the 62-year-old said. For in the medium term we need a change of generation in the wing positions.”

Hoping for fit seals

Seals and ribbons extended their contracts at the FC Bavaria at the end of the last season b y one year until the summer 2019. At the age of 34 and 35, the offensive stars are among the most experienced players in Bavaria. With more than ten years in the club they are also among the oldest active in the service.

Rummenigge hopes that seals and ribs will come fit through the new season despite their high football age. In particular seals had sorely missed the Bavarians at the end of last season due to injury.

“This was not easy for us in the final phase to replace Arjen when he was not available. It would be good for him to stay healthy for a season,”Rummenigge said. We need it in the best condition.”

Rummenigge makes Lewandowski print

In the best condition, the Bavarians also need top stormers Robert Lewandowski, Rummenigge pressed ahead of the season: “I predict today: Lewandowski will play a super season and surpass his 30-goal Torrekord at Bavaria Munich.” He is convinced of Lewandowski.” It will give gas like never before.”

The stormer has dealt with a change in recent weeks, but the Bavarians have put a stop to these plans. With his prediction Rummenigge also made Lewandowski obligated for the new season to put his performance on the lawn in spite of the chosen alternation.