Rummenigge: These trainers marked the FC Bavaria

After a very successful career as a stormer of FC Bavaria Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge moved into the management of the German record master, with whom he has held the board of directors since 2002. Now the Bavarian original spoke about the most important coaches of club history and its most beautiful moments as a Bavarian functionary.

Rummenigge has remembered the Champions League Final 2013 especially positive. FC Bavaria challenged Borussia Dortmund at the old-time Wembley Stadium in London, won 2:1 and secured the title for the fifth and until last time in the royal class.

After the victory, he and Bavarian’s former President Uli Hoeness had dropped “hundreds of stones”, “because we felt the importance of this success for the whole club like no third party,” Rummenigge explained in a conversation with the “evening paper”. “There are moments in life that you would like to hold on to forever. Thus it is with this night of Wembley.”

The final game in May 2013 is not the only victory against the BVB that has left traces at Rummenigge.

The goal of FC Bavaria is to stand for”ball possession, ball dominance, position play, offensive urge and for many goals”, Rummenigge says. This style is the default for the current coach Hansi Flick and all trainers who will be “in the coming years” on the Munich side line.

Winning against the BVB was Flick’s masterpiece

In perfection the FCB fulfilled the requirements in November 2019 in the second game under Flick. At that time the Bavarians swept the Dortmund with 4:0 from the square and filled Rummenigge with pride. “In the round against Dortmund at the stand of 4:0 I once only watched the spectators and thought to myself: So they have fun at their FC Bavaria. Of course you want a team that’s successful. But I also want her to bring joy. That is why it is important for us to maintain this style.”

Rummenigge also spoke about the previous Flicks, who left the deepest traces in the club. All the Munich exercise leaders would have had “crazy services”. Rummenigge however highlighted Zlatko Cajkovski, Udo Lattek, Dettmar Cramer and Ottmar Hitzfeld, Jupp Heynckes, Louis van Gaal and Pep Guardiola from the recent club history.

Guardiola, Heynckes und van Gaal were “brothers in spirit”

Heynckes, van Gaal and Guardiola were also of particular importance, because they had founded the modern Bavarian style.” They were brothers in spirit. It was no accident that we had the most beautiful football season among them: we won titles without end, and I often felt like I was in heaven watching; this football tore people from their seats. We still benefit from the work of these three great trainers,”said Rummenigge.

Before the 120. Munich’s birthday on 27th. In February Rummenigge also commented on the values of the series master: “We stand for our living’Mia san mia’, which is found in the square and outside. We are committed to success, we have the right to set benchmarks in all areas and we face this pressure that comes from the very heart of this association and its history. With all the ambition in the field, we as a club will never lose sight of our social responsibility.”