S04 before transfer coup: Talks with former national players

Ozan Kabak has undeniably great potential and is set in the inner defense of FC Schalke 04 with his just 20-year-old, but the Turkish national player did not always make the best figure during the sports valley ride of the buttons. A sale no longer seems to be out of the question in view of the crooked coffers. Eventually everything will go very quickly.

A goodbye of the defensive youngster from FC Schalke 04 could still go on stage until the closing of the winter transfer window on Monday at 18:00 o’clock. This is Sky. In the room there is a loan with “”thick”” fee as well as a purchase option. The “WAZ” even mentions concrete figures: According to this, the rental fee is two,5 million euros, an agreed purchase obligation is to add another 23 million euros at the end of the game period.

The Youngster has already been seen with the team physician of the printers. The suspicion is that he’s about to complete his medical check-up. In order to complete this in Liverpool, the time is not sufficient.

Jurgen Klopp is to make Kabak the number one target for the defense of FC Liverpool, the TV station continues. The rumor is not new. However, since English media last suspected that the trail had been cold, the theme according to “Sky” is now “really hot”, The Reds would work “vehemently on a commitment”.

Kabak changed from VfB Stuttgart to FC Schalke in the summer 2019 and has since contested 42 mandatory games for the royal flowers. His contract does not end until the summer 2024.

On Anfield Road one looks for another defensive player by hand as a result of major defensive injuries. We will try. We always try. It would be strange to assume that we are satisfied with the situation, that we do not care about it or would not try it.”And further:”If something is feasible, then we do it, if not, then not”, Klopp confirmed recently.

FC Schalke 04 should already speak with Kabak replacement

On Schalke you only want to let the regular player go if you can present a replacement at the same time. A project that is difficult to implement in view of the imminent transfer deadline. However, a change of cabaks to the island could take place until the 23rd hour of German time.

S04 says “”Sky”” is already in exchange with a possible candidate. Shkodran Mustafi is said to have already made telephone calls. The German ex-national player has no future at FC Arsenal, a farewell takes place at the latest in the summer 2021. Then his contract ends. It is said that Mustafi could now go back to Gelsenkirchen. About two million euros would be due in this case.