Sammer says: “That’s why Bavaria has the advantage”

With three points and seven goals ahead of the FC Bavaria, Borussia Dortmund enters the last eleven league days 2018/19. BVB adviser Matthias Sammer still sees the record champion as an advantage.

Currently, the FC Bavaria is stronger than the BVB because of its track record history, said “Eurosport” expert Matthias Sammer with a view to the title match in the Bundesliga.

“Munich is very stable in the long run and I remain in it, Borussia Dortmund, of course, is developing beautifully. But if you tremble, then you know that you are not yet ready,”Sammer may not see the Black Yellows mature enough for the title.

The victory against Bayer Leverkusen must give the team of Lucien Favre confidence,”but they must become much, much more stable and sovereign and must not make slight mistakes. do more. Therefore, Bavaria has the advantage, so far only not in the table.”

Schalke in a”highly complicated situation”

The former professional sees FC Schalke in a”highly complicated situation”. Although he is a friend of the clarity created by the royal flowers and Christian Heidel, there are no excuses now either.

“Today”, says Sammer, “the future of Schalke 04 is already beginning: transfers, scouting, cadre planning

“Today,”says Sammer,”and therefore they must come to a solution quickly”, warns the overthrown Viceroy not to take it too easy.