“Scared”: Seldom speaks of dramatic injury

After his lung rupture in June, stormer Davie Selke returned last week to the team training of the football federator Hertha BSC. In an interview with the “Sports Image”, the 23-year-old commented on his injury and the healing process.

“It is a small sensation for me that I am back again. The doctors had told me to take a break of three or four months,”Selke said:”Luckily everything went faster, I no longer feel any impairment.”

In training, the U21 European Champion no longer has to take any more consideration:”I’m a guy who can only make 100 percent. When I train, it’s right.”Selke has full confidence in his body again. After the country break, Selke refused to allow him to restart the game in full. I went for a walk in the woods. At the beginning of an hour. And then I was so broken that I had to rest from it all day,”said the stormer,”I thought, “How am I ever going to play football again?” Selke gave a special thank you to Hertha’s team physician Hi-Un Park: “To put it dramatically, he is my life saver. If he hadn’t sent me to the hospital so fast… I don’t want to think about it at all.”

“Like the waving of a filled heat wave”

Selke had attracted a pneumothorax after a collision in the workout, while air accumulates in the chest. After that he had to be operated on.

“I was a little scared because I didn’t know such an injury,” the silver medalist from Rio de Janeiro admitted an d described further: “This started with the first complaints after the training. I felt a sting. But I’ve noticed that something is moving freely in my body. Like waving a full heat wave. That was my lung.”

Even after the diagnosis Selke was still worried:”I got nervous already, and stood totally beside me. It was a bit like I was seeing the situation from the outside. You can see how fast it can all be over. I’ve written to my most important people that everything’s okay. But I wasn’t sure if it was.”