Schalke-Boss Tonnies announces further transfers

Schalke’s Chief Supervisor Clemens Tonnies has announced further purchases during the current transfer period.

“If you know the business, you know that the most important transfers can often be made shortly before the end of the day,” he said in an interview with the daily newspaper “The Bell.” That is what we are working on, but we must see how everything develops. The competition has not diminished.”

The football league goalkeeper Markus Schubert as well as the field players Benito Raman, Ozan Kabak and Jonjoe Kenny has so far brought in.

About the future of U21 goalkeeper Alexander Njell said Tonnies:”He is a very popular goalkeeper. We will do everything we can to keep him.”

Tonnies admitted to being too passive last season when the club went into downhill danger.” I am the restless spirit on Schalke, who has been urging, pushing, encouraging and for more than 25 years. In the past three years, however, I have retreated sharply,”said the entrepreneur. Many people have made it clear to me at this time that I should question things more consistently. I am self-critical and do not want to duck.”