Schalke is baiting walnuts with low-cost clause

The future of Alexander Nebula remains unclear. His contract with FC Schalke 04 expires at the end of the season, a change to FC Bayern Munich is underway. But the royal flowers have not yet given up hope of the goalkeeper staying.

According to the “Sports Image” Schalke lures Noodle with a cheap clause. According to this, the Keeper can leave the buttons from 2021 for a replacement sum of ten to 20 million euros if he renews his contract in Gelsenkirchen.

Extension to 2024 is envisaged. In addition, it is intended to increase the amount of Njell. Instead of 600.000 euros as before, the 23-year-old is waving five million euros a year at an extension.

According to the report, the interest group from abroad has also expanded. In addition to Paris Saint-Germain and Atletitico Madrid, Manchester United is said to have entered the poker tournament around Naples. But the final man probably sees his future in Germany.

Niezel does not want Schalke 04 to “zappeln”

Last time the “Bild” reported that a free change to FC Bavaria took concrete forms. According to this, all the evidence suggests that after the season, Naul S04 turns its back and joins the German record champion.

“This is not an easy decision. I’m grateful the club gave me the time and didn’t set a limit. This is the time I take,”commented Niel on his situation in mid-September. He did not want to “zap” Schalke, but confirmed that the decision had not yet been made.