Schumi: Ex-boss believes in recovery

Ex-Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo provides hope to fans of Michael Schumacher. The Italian is very confident that in December 2013, in a ski accident, the Formula One Record World Champion, who had been severely unsuccessful, will “recover”. He says this “with strength and conviction”, the 68-year-old explains to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Schumacher, who had sustained serious head injuries and is little known about his state of health since then, as an active pilot, according to di Montezemolo, had always “the strength to adapt to the circumstances. That’s why I think he has the strength to fight back.”Besides, he thinks it’s right, Schumacher is shot down: “The stay at home with his family is crucial for his recovery.”

Also the Grand Prix of Bahrain last weekend reminded di Montezemolo of his former star pilots. The failure of Schumacher’s friend and compatriot Sebastian Vettel in the warm-up round with a smoking engine proved to be parallel to Schumacher’s engine seat in Magny Cours 1996, which also took place in the warm-up round.

“That was a great disappointment at the time,” looked di Montezemolo back. One year later, Schumacher and Ferrari were already fighting for the World Championship, before many records were pulverized between 2000 and 2004 with series titles.

“I hope Sunday was a good omen and brings us back to these times”, The Italian hopes to repeat the Schumacher era with Vettel.” But there is still much to do, as always in formula 1.”

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