Seals lovebirds with early Bavarian goodbye

After ten years Arjen Robben turns his back on FC Bayern Munich. But almost the Dutch would have left the German record champion a long time ago.

“I was thinking,’Okay, then I’ll go somewhere else if the players are treated like this’,” Robben said in a “Spox” interview looking at the whistles of his own fans during a test game between the Bavarians and The Dutch national team in the year 2012.

Four days after Robben had shot an elf in the Champions League final against FC Chelsea, he also ran for Holland instead of the Bavarians in the said test game. Probably too much for some fans.

“At first I couldn’t believe what was happening. Being blown out in his own stadium was a huge shock,”the Routinian looked back and said,”It was contractually agreed, That I only play for Holland in this game.”

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But Robben eventually decided to stay in Munich.” Then we settled it internally, and peace has returned. I finally swore to come back stronger,”said the 35-year-old. After all, the whistles did not come from real Bavarian fans either.

Champions League titles with Guardiola? There was certainly more in it”

In the interview Robben also spoke about the era under Coach Pep Guardiola. He’s tactically brilliant. I had a lot of fun under him, and I’ve evolved again. He’s positively crazy about football,”said the attacker of his former coach.

On the question of whether the FC Bavaria under Guardiola should have won the Champions League, Seals replied, “I think so. We were unlucky with injuries. You’ll never know what would have happened if everyone had been fit. We were so strong at the time that there was certainly more in it.”

Robben is probably not thinking about winning the Champions League anymore. He doesn’t want to hang his football shoes on the nail either. Football is still a lot of fun for me, but it also has to make sense.”If the old star changes again, the whole package has to be right.” I just have to be completely convinced,”Robben made it clear.