Some make fire with my book

The unknown Kimi Riding King”should be pleased, because the biography of the Alfa Romeo pilot has sold well since the appearance of 2018. That is why he did not write the book, emphasizes the “Iceman” to “”.

“I simply described things as I see them. In Finland, the book was published in the summer 2018. Since then, some other countries have joined. Of course, I have learned how many books have been sold,”answers the question of the sales figures.

He did not write the book, however, just to make money.” If people like it, that’s good. If they don’t like it, I don’t have a problem with it. Some people seem to like the book. Others may use it to make fire with it,”laughs the otherwise cool Finnish.

“In Switzerland I have been spoken to more often”

Around 200.000 times his biography was sold alone in his home country Finland. However, raccoons have been living in Switzerland since 2001. There’s no contradiction when you ask the Formula One driver. He seems to be popular in both countries.

“I can’t judge because I spend maybe three weeks a year in Finland. My family and I, we’re home in Switzerland. That is why we do not have much to do with people from Finland. And when we get there, somewhere in’No Man’s Land’, far from civilization’, he talks.

Therefore he cannot judge how popular he is in his home country. But what he noticed: “In Switzerland I have been approached more often for a photo or an autograph. This is certainly due to the fact that I am now driving for a Swiss team.”

Since this season, the steering wheel has been back to Alfa Romeo, formerly clean. He has already completed his debut year 2001 with the Swiss. With his wife Minttu and the children Robin and Rianna he lives in a luxurious estate in Baar. As a Swiss he does not feel like it anyway.

“For us this is simply our home. We enjoy it there. And as far as the Finns are concerned, they support me, of course, just as they support Finnish drivers at all. But I don’t care what they think of me,”the Racing Kings remain faithful to his indifferent attitude.

The World Champion of the Year 2007 still enjoys great popularity on the racetracks of this world. Finnish fans, however, have a special attitude towards the Iceman: in principle I would say that they see Finnish drivers even more critically than drivers from other countries. Maybe they’re kind of mad that we’re not treating them in a special way.”