Some problems: Mixed feelings at Hullkenberg

At the beginning of the second test week of formula 1 in Barcelona Renault had divided the program on Tuesday.

In the morning Nico Hullkenberg drove the R.S.18 and came after 48 laps to a time of 1:21.432 minutes, which was good at the end of the day for place seven. In the afternoon, teammate Carlos Sainz took over the car. His fastest lap of 1:21.807 minutes was good for position eleven, but the Spaniard with 85 rounds drove much more than Hullkenberg.

There is not much to say about the morning. Will have driven 48 rounds and had some problems with this chassis during the first deployment,”says Hullkenberg. At first, according to information from “car, engine and sport” a sensor had been extended to the gearbox, then there was a problem with the rear axle. But it wasn’t a big deal, we were able to solve it pretty quickly. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon will go well.”

“Overall, we drove all 140 to 150 rounds at the end, so we can’t complain,”says Sainz. However, the Spanish bill is not entirely correct. Overall, Renault came to 133 rounds on Tuesday.

Sainz concentrated on a race simulation in the afternoon and therefore did not appear further up the time list. The Spaniard, however, does not think that the times are yet in any way meaningful, as the conditions on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya change greatly during the course of the day.

Checks of reliability in the foreground

“It depends on when you drive your fast lap,” he says. On Tuesday the teams in Barcelona also created the bad wind and in the direction of changing wind. In curves with back wind it was worse than last week. And in curves where I had the wind, it was better,”says Sainz. Should the wind be a little quieter tomorrow, we can better understand it.”

Basically Renault is still focusing on reliability checks after the bad weather last week.” Today it was mainly about making kilometers, not so much about (right; Amen. d. Red.) Tests,”says Sainz.”Tests.” Therefore we still have room for increases.”

With a little concern Sainz looks at the problems with McLaren, which are not getting off to a good start with the Renault engine.” We need to look at what happened to them and learn from it. However, I am convinced that Renault will look into this and find the problem, should it be a Renault problem. This is not yet established.”