Stillard: Button drives like a swan

Hardly a pilot has such a quiet driving style as Jenson Button. But what the viewers see about the on-board recordings, according to his racing engineer Tom Stallard.

Jenson is like a swan,”the Brit says.”He is a swan.” With his hands he drives very gently, which you can see on TV, but he works with his feet like crazy with the pedals. He balances the car much more than other riders with his feet, and this seems effortless.”

In fact, Button’s driving style differs optically massively from pilots such as Lewis Hamilton, who balances the bolts into the curves and always corrects with his hands lightly. Buttons, on the other hand, drive very quietly and set on a round line, wild steering movements are sought in vain. In the past, this has even led to difficulties in bringing the tires to a temperature.

“hand movements like on a Sunday trip”

Perfect, however, he got this 2012 in spa Francorchamps. At that time, the British celebrated his pre-final Grand Prix victory. But especially exciting for racing engineer Stallard was the pole-round buttons.

“His hand movements looked like he was on a Sunday trip, but his feet worked like wildfire with the pedals,” he sees quite similarities with the stepper. “He is a very good rider. It perfectly matched brake and gas impulses, and the result was the pole position.”