Sulphur coked with return to training bench

Martin Schwalb does not rule out a new commitment as a handball coach after the upcoming departure from the German league Rhein-Neckar Lion.

“No one in the world can be expected to say publicly: I don’t want to do my job anymore. No more coaches? I can’t say that,”said the 58-year-old in an interview of the”Mannheimer Morgen”.

Schwalb leaves the table four after the season finale on the 27th of June against the THW Kiel for private reasons.” I deliberately decided to go back to my family in Hamburg,”said the former national player.

For the future, however, he could well imagine going back to the coach bench.”I’m not going to go back to my family.” I don’t know what’s in two or three years. Maybe there’s something I can imagine very well. For example, a model like the Swedish national team, where not one coach does everything, but several have their special tasks,”Schwalb said.

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