Supersoft tires due to power fluctuations?

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas may have figured out the reasons for his glaring performance fluctuations in Formula One season 2017.

As the Finnish explains in the aftermath of the Japanese Grand Prix, a certain type of tyre might have had to do with this: The Supersoft was all year round the mix, Bottas notes

That he let the second twentieth tyre in the Pirelli range spring, is no coincidence. It is also the tyre that has the smallest working window “even smaller than the ultrasound”, Bottas knows. He often found it harder to get the rubber into the right temperature range than teammate Lewis Hamilton. And the more sensitive the tyre is, the more it weighs the deficit.

Success with Ultrasoft

In reverse, it can be explained why he celebrated success with the softer, but more courageous Ultrasoft –for example in his victories in Russia and Austria, but also in Monaco, when he was better off with a snappy silver arrow than the WM leader. Bottas, however, does not want to rely on the routes on which he can bypass the supersoft. In any case, there is only one (Spain) in the 2017er calendar to which the red marked mixture would not be delivered.

Bottas explains: “I have looked at everything I can change and what I can do better.” Analyses have already fertilized in Japan: “The weekend was much better. The question is to what extent the knowledge can be transferred to Grands Prix, where it is not as cool as in Suzuka.