Tails on a shelf: From the back room to the center

Jochen Schneider has been Sports Director at Schalke 04 for a year. After the class stoppage and the rise und er the new trainer David Wagner he is required as crisis manager.

Jochen Schneider was hardly in office since he fired the “wonderful” trainer. The time as Sports Director at Schalke 04 began for the successor of Christian Heidel with the most difficult possible decision, the eviction of Domenico Tedesco, A few days earlier he had praised in the highest tones.

Barely a year later –after a struggling downhill struggle and a sporty new beginning und er David Wagner –Schneider is again asked as crisis manager.

The 49-year-old did not find the strongest words for the sporty fall of the royal flowers, who, after strong rounds, emerge from the top group. Schneider leapt aside goalkeeper Alexander Nzel, who had been whistled and ridiculed by fans after a new capital patzer.

“Ten years ago, the subject of Robert Enke was so big, and we let a 23-year-old boy who makes a mistake with this kind of hammer,” he said after the 0:3 at 1. FC Cologne

Clear edge against bulletins

Also to the bulletin posters against Hoffenheim’s mistresses Dietmar Hopp, which led to game interruptions in several stages, the Schwabe made clear: “These few people were very clear:”These few people 99,99 percent of the viewers in the stadium and 100 percent take their hobby in front of the TVs.”

The three-stage plan that responds to this is”also not the solution, maybe it needs a one-stage plan: a transparency, game break.”

Schneider’s presence in the public had him many not expected a year ago. At that time, the well-known football expert with an excellent network came out of the background. Although he worked in the professional business since 1999, he was largely unknown to many. At VfB Stuttgart and RB Leipzig, the learned bank merchant was usually second in line.

FC Schalke 04 has to play “regularly internationally”

Schneider cannot afford a reluctant observer role with the traditionally fast-moving royal flowers, he has recognized that. The fact that he is anticipating Wagner in the first crisis, under his desired trainer, keeps the coach’s back free in sports difficult times. Because the current phase, in which Schalke is about to lose his good starting position, is enormously important for the future.

If the former Champions League regular guest passes the European Cup for the third time in four years, the planned conversion becomes significantly more difficult.” The world won’t end if we don’t make it,”Schneider said in an interview with”Sky”. But the possibilities to improve the average team in many positions would be limited.

Because the sports board agrees with his club management colleagues: Schalke must play “regularly internationally.”