Team leader certifies Botta’s impressive rally debut

Mercedes-Pilot Valtteri Bottas surprised and impressed the M-Sport team at its rally debut last weekend”.

The reason was not the fifth place and the stage victory, which he picked up on the snowy roads in the Finnish part of Lapland.

As the team leader of the racing stable engaged in the Rallye World Championship (WRC) says, he and the engineers did not expect Bottas to be so fearless even outside racing tracks.

” that a Formula One driver is not afraid of the pace, but his technique between the trees was really good –he seemed to have a lot of fun,”said Rich Millener in a conversation with””, who experienced another surprise: “The engineers noticed a difference in his driving style –he did not drive full throttle all the time.”

The Rallye professionals hit the pedal with full force as soon as they feel the grip under the wheels. Bottas, who is accustomed to dosing the power from Formula 1, went to work in a more orderly manner without losing too much time. “

He has done well”, says Millener. When you’re in a WRC car for the first time, you’ve never worked with the team, and a passenger you don’t know reads the prayer book, Place five at minus 30 degrees Celsius is not bad.”

However: Bottas’competitors – Finnish rally aces from the national top- were in PS-weaker cars from the R5 class, While the Formula One star was in the powerful WRC version of the Ford Fiesta (the current world champion car of Sebastien Ogier)

“I would like to see him behind the wheel again,” Millener says, and beloved with a test in the UK.” It would be great for the sport and the interest that such an Intermezzo generates.”