Tedescos Schalker von “Frankfurter Wucht erschlagen”

Borussia Monkngladbach won thanks to an outstanding Alaskan plaza at Werder Bremen and TSG Hoffenheim continues to win. On Saturday evening the top game between BVB and FC Bavaria fascinated the fans.

RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt played on Sunday. The votes for the games of the 12th. Game days in the Bundesliga:

Eintracht Frankfurt – Schalke 04

Adi Hutter (coach Eintracht Frankfurt): “It was a deserved victory over 90 minutes. In the first half, it was a long shot. Both teams have allowed little. The key point was the missed opportunity of Embolo and our goal in return.”

Domenico Tedesco (coach Schalke 04):“We are aware of our situation, but not only today, but for some time now. The mortgage of the five defeats to the start we carry with us. We have been killed today by the power of the Frankfurters.”

RB Leipzig – Bayer Leverkusen

Ralf Rangnick (coach RB Leipzig): “That was a really good performance of us all. If we go on like this, it will not be so easy to shoot at us in the future either. And we ourselves are always able to achieve one or other hit. The team continued where they stopped in the last league games and in the trophy. I would even say that we have once again packed ten or 20 percent on it today.”

Heiko Herrlich (Trainer Bayer Leverkusen):“The Leipzig victory is absolutely deserved. We have not managed to get structure into our game. All three counter-gates happened right after an attack, which is very annoying. In many situations we were a tick late.”

TSG Hoffenheim – FC Augsburg

Julian Nagelsmann (coach TSG Hoffenheim):“We wanted to surprise the opponent with a four-string. But the opponent also surprised us and defended us deeply. Thus the first half was marked by tactics, without great highlights. In the end, we did not win high, but we did not win completely undeserved.”

Manuel Baum (coach FC Augsburg):“I am eaten right. We should have taken at least one point, if not more, with us. In the offensive and the defensive, we have to pick our own noses. Going home in defeat is a disaster. This is all our fault.”

1. FC Nuremberg – VfB Stuttgart

Michael Cololner (Trainer 1. FC Nuremberg): “This was a deserved victory of the VfB. We got into the game well, but were poorly positioned in the rooms and could not develop this punch that we have moved forward. The VfB played well and compacted the rooms well. We have to look to get what we left at home where perhaps nobody expects us.”

Markus Weinzierl (coach VfB Stuttgart): “We are very relieved because we have won an important victory, we deserve one. It has been noticed that we are not running out of stability, but we have fought our way in and played a proper game. Today was very, very important for us because we had a very difficult phase.”

SC Freiburg – FSV Mainz 05

Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg):“I know how good Mainz is. And they’re gonna get even better because they’ve got themselves an awful lot of talented, fast players. Mainz had a good day shape, but we weren’t aggressive enough, not safe enough with the ball. We weren’t always happy today. But we lost the game in the first thirty minutes.”

Sandro Schwarz (coach FSV Mainz 05): “We played the first thirty minutes outstanding soccer and went straight to the lead. We had the feeling that it might even have been one or the other gate more. The third gate then fell from our point of view at the right time. But when you see the 90-minute, it is a deserved victory.”

Fortuna Dusseldorf – Hertha BSC

Friedhelm Funkel (coach Fortuna Dusseldorf):“The first half was very balanced, both teams have neutralized. We’ve been playing it safe. You can’t play Hauruckfootball against Hertha. I’ll admit without a second thought that the location card played us. But the way the team has implemented this is extraordinary in the situation we have been in. We still have the opportunity to improve. It is not all gold that shines.”

Pal Darthai (coach Hertha BSC):“Dusseldorf has won. The result of 4:1 is also correct in the end. At first we played a good game and had a lot of control over a well-organized opponent. There was no need for space, it was Maxi’s naivety. There were games where it worked despite the evidence of space, which was not the case this time. We have to accept defeat, but it hurts. When I look at the last two games against Leipzig and in Dusseldorf, I have to say that the break is good for us.”

Hanover 96 – VfL Wolfsburg

Andre Breitenreiter (Coach Hanover 96):“We felt the boys were hot. We got in fine, but then we had a phase where we had to sweat. The boys have given everything and finally rewarded themselves. The pressure was increasing, it was not easy.”

Bruno Labbadia (trainer VfL Wolfburg):“It’s very simple: You can’t have more chances in a game. That’s the reason we lost. We made simple mistakes. It’s crazy that we’re here today as losers. This is difficult to digest.”