Tests: Hamilton lets the muscles play

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton took the lead in the Formula One test trips in Barcelona on Tuesday morning.

After the first four hours of driving on the Circuit de Catalunya, the Brit was not only the fastest but also the busiest pilot of the session thanks to a preliminary weekly break in 1:20.983 minutes. 64 Circuits flushed Hamilton and demonstrated the reliability of the W08. With the true speed of the silver arrow, one stayed behind the mountain.

For Mercedes once again showed a new aerodynamic configuration and first came out with a double T-wing. Means: The separate additional wing at the height of the rear axle came with four transverse plates- two on each side- hence. This was done without a rear fin that had been marvellous the day before the day before the W08. Hamilton concentrated mostly on long runs and was on the road with a lot of booze. At his best, however, he put on supersoft tires.

Force India in the queue

Kimi Ruke King, who completed 47 rounds in the new Ferrari without technical problems, landed on medium tires in the second rank of the time list (+1848 seconds), which should not worry the Scuderia. Force India kept waiting. As a result of the technical crutches on Monday, a fresh-flown exhaust had to be installed on the VJM10, which stopped operation for two hours. After that, new access turned Esteban Ocon on and moved to square three (+2062), visited the gravel bed shortly before lunch break.

Red Bull went to the track with grids to measure the air flow (rocket) and then stayed covered. With Max Verstappen in the cockpit no more emerged than rank four (+2299), followed by the once strong Kevin Magnussen in the Haas (5., +2540). Williams-Pilot Lance Stroll (7., +5057) made an ambivalent figure in his debut as part of official tests. The 18-year-old turned in a gravel bed as a result of a driving error when he took the inner edge stone too hard in curve 9 and lost control of the bolt. It went on by itself.

Sand in the McLaren gearbox

At McLaren, after Fernando Alonso’s oil tank debacle Monday, sand was still in the gearbox. At the very first attempt to get on the train, Stoffel Vandoorne stopped at the beginning of the boxing alley after the installation round. He had to be pushed back by the mechanics. Curious explanation of the team: The Belgian would have noticed something strange and stopped cautiously.

After a short half-hour break the Belgian showed himself again and flushed out his program before another defect on the Honda drive line paralysed the MCL32. In the end, Vandoorne was the eighth ranking (+4435) in the book.

Cleanly registered problems with the drive train and sent Pascal Wehrlein replacement Antonio Giovinazzi to the track after two install rounds, because the entire Ferrari superstructure had to be replaced on the C36. The Italian, like Jolyon Palmer, remained in the Renault without a hassle. The French did not comment on the reasons for their abstention, but merely stated that work had been done on the car after a “overnight conversion”.