That’s why Hamilton hasn’t signed a new contract yet.

Less than three months before the end of the 2020 season Lewis Hamilton has still not signed a new contract for 2021. Mercedes has so far only confirmed Valtteri Bottas.

It is’Work in Progress’. I wouldn’t want to set a special date. We get along very well. But it takes time for the details,”says Toto Wolff.

“It takes time. And if one race follows the other, one does not want to distract oneself with contract talks,”explains the team leader. Among other things, the “pause” between Mugello and Sochi is therefore to be used. We are working towards a satisfactory outcome. But I don’t know when we’re going to be announced,”says Wolff.

At Mercedes you don’t want to rush anything. Nevertheless, according to Toto Wolff, it is “a must” to reach an agreement by the end of the season. After all, we want to be sure how we are going to race next year,”explains the Austrian and says:”We have not looked at the contract for three years, we have never taken it out of the drawer.”

Wolff makes”no big stress”

“Sometimes situations change, the environment changes. Now is the time to talk about the next stint, the next part of the journey that we want to complete together. We are discussing this,”says Wolff, who tells Hamilton at”Sky”:”We are emotionally on the same wavelength and have become friends.”

“Let’s see what the other one does. And I think he knows he has a great team here, even if I’m not supposed to be here anymore. On the other hand, if he left, we’d lose the best driver. But the team would go on and try to find someone close to them,”Wolff also explains.

“But we’re both not under a lot of stress. Even if it looks a little strange from the outside,”says Wolff. Hamilton himself explains: “I am fortunate to have negotiated my last two or three contracts. Every time you go through the process, you learn something about it. And I am not someone who simply wants the same thing over and over again.”

Sign just a matter of time

“One grows together as a team and therefore has to make sure that our values are in harmony, our goals and wishes. So you see how you can make even more of it- more of the performance with sponsors, performance on the track, in interaction with engineers, in the simulator. Many things,”says Hamilton.

“Once these little details are sorted out, the big questions will come. Toto and I know each other. It’s not our first rodeo together. It is a pleasant experience, but we are both definitely happy when everything is done and we can toast to it,”says Hamilton, for whom it could be the last great contract in his career.

Next January the World Champion will already 36.”I will make sure to have a tequila at hand, so that I can offer one afterwards for relaxation. Maybe I should do it before,”he laughs. Without a doubt, both sides have never doubted that they want to continue together.

It is only a matter of time.