The beast will and " my home" Germany as a model

Germany’s best tennis player Alexander Zverev wants to be present at his home.

His former manager Patricio Apey saw him “internationally”, said the 23-year-old of “Image on Sunday”. His home country “and thus also the German market were left behind. This is absurd. I was born and raised in Hamburg. Germany is my home country,”Zverev, who is currently quarantined in Melbourne in front of the Australian Open (from February 8th), said, but is allowed to train.

Zverev strives for a much stronger role model in his own words.” I have thought and understood: I am German and I want to be a person in Germany where the children say: “That is why I want to be a tennis player. I think Zverev is great.”That’s why he will focus”more on Germany in the future.”

At the beginning of the week, the semi-finalist of the Australian Open 2020 announced that he had finished working with Team 8. Instead he is now supported by brother Mischa in the management. In the media work, German number one has recently been consulted by former government spokesperson Bela Anda.

The Roger Federer Agency Team 8 had only signed Zverev 2019. Zverev had previously been consulted by Apey, with whom he was in a legal dispute after the separation until December of last year.

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