This title is shared between Bavaria and Schalke

The whole theatre around Clemens Tonnies, the headlines about financial problems and the sports crisis seemed to have a small positive aspect for football leaguer FC Schalke 04. The Gelsenkirchener, together with FC Bavaria Munich, are the “German Master” of the so-called Social Media League.

The International Football Institut e (IFI), based in Ismaning near Munich, rated the official social media accounts of the 18-year-olds throughout the season. The four main social media communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) were divided into four sub-categories (post-interaction, post-frequency, Percentage growth and number of followers) scientifically analyzed.

“The top-ranking clubs operate social media communication with the highest professionalism and in doing so are partly significantly above the league average,” said Katharina Schottl, who heads the Digital Marketing department at IFI. Schalke and FC Bayern “managed to generate high relative interaction rates throughout the evaluation period despite a high and regular contribution frequency. This speaks very much for the quality of the contributions.”

Third of the Social Media League 2020 was Eintracht Frankfurt,”Master”of 2017 and 2019, before Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen. SC Freiburg and FSV Mainz 05 occupied the last two places.