Thuringian HC brings Swedish right-wing outlets

The six-time German handball champion Thuringian HC has committed the Swedish national player Emma Ekenman-Fernis.

The 23-year-old left hand will share the position on the right with 15-year-old Slovakian Lydia Jakubisova, who has been playing for the THC since 2011. Ekenman-Fernis signed a two-year contract with an exit option after one year.

“Emma is a fast right-hand outsider who can also help out in the right back room”, THC coach Herbert Muller said: “For me, she is the best Swedish right-hand man.”

Ekenman-Fernis won the Swedish championship three times with the IK Sawhof. She gained international experience with IK Sawhof in the Champions League and EHF Cup. In the national team, she scored 47 goals in so far 34 operations.

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