Torwart-Duo leaves FC Augsburg

FC Augsburg will go into its tenth season in the Bundesliga without the goalkeepers Andreas Luthe and Fabian Giefer.

The association separated from the two finalists, as reported by the “Augsburg er Allgemeine”. In the training start with performance and diagnostic test the duo was already missing.

The FCA was unable to agree with Luthe after “picture” information with 33-year-old Luthe on the dissolution of the contract still running for two years.

After the commitment of Rafal Gikiewicz of Union Berlin the association no longer planned with Luthe, who had been number one in the FCA goal in the final phase of the last season.

Luthe is supposed to be in conversation with Union Berlin. The Hamburg SV is also treated as an interested party. The Keeper had changed 2016 from VfL Bochum to FCA.

The 30-year-old Giefer, who was last number three behind Luthe and the Czech Tomas Koubek, Despite a contract between Stefan Reuter and Coach Heiko Gorlich, Giefer was no longer involved in the planning of manager Stefan Reuter and trainer Heiko Gorlich.