TV-Zoff escalated: Bundesliga transmission at risk

The situation is getting worse. Only two days before the last meeting of the re-start game day, the Bundesliga threatens a TV blackout.

The live broadcast of the game Werder Bremen against Bayer 04 Leverkusen on Monday night is at risk. Time pressure is rising, but no decision can be expected at the weekend. The league hopes for a legal solution on the day of the game.

The situation is extremely complicated and legally delicate. The streaming service DAZN, which transmitted the previous Monday games, also wants to transfer from Bremen, but cannot. The reason is the dispute between the Eurosport/Discovery Group and the German Football League: the media company, according to information from the “German Press Agency”, invokes a special right to announce the TV contract due to the Coronavirus crisis. Eurosport/Discovery has not answered any questions for days.

Discussions so far have been unsuccessful

The background: Eurosport had secured the live rights for the total 40 points games in the previous tender: for the 30 Bundesliga games on Friday, five each on Sunday and Monday. The Spartan transmitter was not happy with it. He sold a sub-license to DAZN after the two seasons of the game with moderate audience success this summer. However, the DFL’s direct contractor remains Eurosport.

“We currently have a different view on the interpretation of the contracts as Eurosport/Discovery,” DFL chief Christian Seifert said last. “We have a different view on the interpretation of the contracts as Eurosport/Discovery.” So far, however, these have been unsuccessful. Now a court must decide.

Rummenigge shoots Eurosport

More clearly than Seifert had recently become Bavarian boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.” I very much regret the behaviour of Eurosport, yes, I think it is dishonest to terminate a contract in a crisis,”Rummenigge said to the’Sports picture’:’And I think that this is a major image loss for Eurosport. Who will enter into a partnership with such a network in the future?” The Spartan channel did not want to comment on Rummenigge’s allegations either.

DAZN stands ready for the transfer, but is dependent on Eurosport/Discovery. The problem: according to dpa information, the streaming service has to pay only part of the estimated 70 million euros per season to Eurosport, which the Spartan channel as a DFL contract partner has to deliver to the league.

A theoretical solution would therefore be that DAZN pays the full price. That seems unlikely. Although the streaming service suffers particularly from the lack of live games of recent weeks and cannot deliver fresh goods to its customers.

A short-term transmission of the assembly batch would not be a problem, at least technically. The game images of all Bundesliga meetings are delivered to the broadcasters, produced by Sportcast, a 100-percent subsidiary of the DFL.