Veh no longer wants to work in a leading position

Managing Director Armin Veh has left at the end of the season. FC Cologne a return to a leading position in professional football is almost impossible.

“I may be retained by football. But not in this position,”Veh said, adding,”It cannot be completely ruled out. But I don’t have that much time either. I’ll be 59 next year. I wonder what my life will be like.”

The job as a sports manager had been fun for him, the long-time Bundesliga coach assured him. I would have preferred to have started a few years earlier. Then I could have done it a few more years.”

Blame of selfishness rejected Veh.”I’m sorry. I read in a comment that I think only of myself,”he said,”In that case, it’s actually true. Because it’s a crucial decision for me. I wouldn’t know who else to think about.”

About the time of the announcement between the Cup bankruptcy at the 4th Saarbrucken (2:3) and the Derby on Sunday (15:30-hour) at Fortuna Dusseldorf let us discuss, But he surrendered in this way.

“We originally wanted to see that we get to the country playtime,” Veh said: “But the longer it takes and the more people who know it, the harder it will be.” The search for his successor was “a matter for the board. When asked, I will give my opinion,”stressed Veh.