Vettel does not exclude switching to other races

Sebastian Vettel’s contract with Ferrari expires at the end of season 2020. It is not yet decided whether Ferrari will be renewed with the haystack. Should the four-time world champion leave the royal class, the fans would probably not have to give him up.

Whether DTM, Rallye or long distance: For Sebastian Vettel, switching to another race series after his departure from Formula 1 is quite an option. I am a realist, in ten years I will no longer be here [in formula 1], said Vettel to “”. Therefore, a start in another race series was something “of course one thinks about,” added the Ferrari pilot.

“Once I have decided to stop using formula 1, I am in a happy position to try many other things. Maybe I’ll race somewhere else, maybe I’ll do something else in motor sports or something outside motor sports,”said Vettel, who said,”I have some ideas, but I haven’t decided yet. In I am very relaxed.”

Vettel about money in formula 1 and happiness

The financial factor is not the decisive factor for Vettel with regard to his future in formula 1, said the 32-year-old. There are many athletes and businessmen who are looking for money: “But I think the question is whether people have a sense of when it is enough.” However, in formula 1, this bill did not apply.

“In some ways we put our lives at risk. That’s why you have to like it. Besides, our careers are shorter than others. I think the most important thing is to be happy. That is the key,”said the German.

The formula 1 is a kind of circus, a”pampered circus”, because a lot of money is in circulation,”and money pampers people now. That’s generally true. But the question, as I said, is whether you know when enough is enough,”stressed the four-time World Champion.