“Vettel: Have a car that can win soon”

It sounds like the usual slogans of perseverance and pure purpose optimism when Sebastian Vettel is currently talking about Ferrari’s chances of winning formula 1.

I think we will soon have a car that can win,”said the four-time World Champion before the UK Grand Prix this weekend, But he also had to admit: “We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

For over 300 days Vettel has been eagerly waiting for a triumph, last time he was at the top of the Belgian spa at the end of August 2018. Although the 32-year-old is travelling to Silverstone as a previous year’s winner, the prospects for the high-speed course are rather bleak in the duel with Mercedes’s superior permanent drivers.” We do not expect Silverstone to fit our car very well,”said Ferraris team leader Mattia Binotto quite openly.

Recently in Austria Mercedes had to struggle with the enormous heat and wavy track profile. While Max Verstappen won the Red Bull and thus 2019 was not the first silver arrow to cross the finish line, Ferrari’s bitter Sieglos series did not end in Spielberg. The car felt good all weekend, but we are still a little short,”said Vettel, who became fourth, and added nonetheless:”We are fighting on.”

Ferrari cannot bet on the weather in England, because for the race day (15:10 clock) maximum temperatures of 21 degree are predicted. There is also a chance of rain. Everything sounds like ideal conditions for the dominant Mercedes, whose run was only stopped in Austria by temperatures beyond the 30-degree.

The strong engines threatened to overheat because the cooling was not strong enough. That is why world champions Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas could not get the full performance of their drives.

Aerodynamic update is supposed to bring improvement

A small aerodynamic update for the cars of Vettel and Stallrivale Charles Leclerc is now to make some improvement at Ferrari. “A small aerodynamic update for the cars of Vettel and Stallrivale Charles Leclerc is to bring about some improvement.” Hopefully this will take us one step forward,”said Vettel. But the World Cup title seems to be inaccessible to the German after nine of 21 races as well as in recent years.

And this even earlier than in the past. The Heppenheimer is already 74 points behind the five-time champion and title defender Hamilton, who is clearly at the top of Bottas.

The silver arrows are no longer the only opponents for the native Hesse. The 21-year-old Monegasse Leclerc missed his first victory in the motorsport royal class in Austria as a second. Also in Silverstone, the aspiring youngster will make life difficult for the routines again.

Leclerc hopes for a “good race”

“We will fight to make it a good race,” said Leclerc. He’s still number two on the team. If he wins, however, the division of roles in the Scuderia could quickly change.

In the previous year, Vettel also won the home game of his British permanent life, Because Hamilton turned inexcusably after a contact with Kimi Reike Kinnen and had to work from the back again.

From 2013 to 2017, five Mercedes victories had been won consecutively in the heart of British motor sports –about 100 kilometers northwest of London. Four of them went to Hamilton, who, together with the French Alain Prost, is the record winner (5) on the course near his hometown Stevenage.